An independent publishing house established 1998 based in Bela-Bela, Limpopo, South Africa. We specialise in the publishing and production of material on South African art/artist and South Africa’s indigenous cultures, history and lore, for the national and international market. Dream Africa has since grown into the foremost publisher of publications on South African art/artists.


To become the major publisher of title in the niche market in South Africa and to promote South African art/artists and our diverse cultures, their history and lore.

Sas Kloppers also being an artist, elements of African lore are discernable in his works; transforming the oral into the visual, thus linking the printed word with the visual expression on canvas.

Born in Germiston.

BA (THOD) from the University of Pretoria.

Publisher, artist, author and ethnologist

During the early 60s, I tried my hand at painting, mainly conventional realistic work. My interest in ethnology set me on another route; a lifelong journey of research and discovery, through literary and scientific sources studying the cultures of the people of Africa. This journey has taken me to the most uninhabitable places to view rock art and visit the people themselves. The world that research has opened to me has brought a rich treasure of experience and has enriched my spirit and my life.

My motto became: “As early people moved through Africa, discovered it and made it their own, I allow myself the privilege to ‘journey’ through the past – the myths and magic of Africa – to discover it and with modest hand portray aspects of it on canvas, in texts in publications and in audiovisual form.”

Culture is the possibility to create, renew, and share values. it is the oxygen that enhances humanity’s vitality. it has to do with spirituality, something that the state is not always concerned about.
– Jacques Nanéma 

I will always remember Credo Mutwa’s words: “Be aware, the past is watching you!”