Dream Africa is an independent publishing/production house based in Limpopo South Africa. It was established in 1998 with the purpose of publishing material on African cultures and audiovisual material in collaboration with associates.

It has since grown into an autonomous publishing/production house.


We spesialise in the production and publishing of titles on art/artists and Africa’s indigenous cultures, history and lore, for the national and international market.

Before establishing Dream Africa Productions and Publishing in 1998, I authored, co-authored and published among others:

Publications on artists/art

  •  W H Coetzer 80
  • WH Coetzer Still Lifes
  • WH Coetzer Pensketse/Sketches
  • Coert Steynberg-‘n Outobiografie
  • Anna Vorster-‘n Biografie
  • SA Spot-en Strookprent- Kunstenaars
  • Painters SWA/Namibia Kunstmaler

There is no absolute master; you are always both pupil and master at the same time. The master teaches others, but he also learns with them.
– Dogon village chief