Traditional Dances & Music of South Africa
(a set of 3 x DVDs – 300 minutes)

Per set
R375.00 (incl VAT)

Covering the music and dances of 17 cultural groups in South Africa.

AmaZulu, AmaXhosa, AmaSwazi, AmaNdebele, Khoekhoe-Griquas and Namas, San-Bushmen – The Khomani, Basotho ba Leboa, Batswana, Basotho, Vhavenda, Vatsonga, Scottish, Irish, English, Afrikaner, Cape Coloured, Indian-Hindu

Traditional Dances & Music of South Africa

Culture is the possibility to create, renew, and share values. It is the oxygen that enhances humanity’s vitality. it has to do with spirituality, something that the state is not always concerned about.
– Jacques Nanéma